Selected Poems, revised and enlarged edition, ed. John Goodridge and John Lucas, with an Introduction by John Lucas (Trent Editions, 2007), vii, 195p. ISBN 1-84233-121-3

This selection of Bloomfield's poems was originally published in 1999 and was the first scholarly edition of his work. The present revised and enlarged second edition substantially increases the amount of poetry and offers a new and textually important edition of The Farmer's Boy, Bloomfield's most important poem. Bloomfield thought that his patron Capel Lofft had altered the text excessively, and so we have here completely restored Bloomfield's own, much fresher text, from the autograph manuscript at Harvard University. The edition includes a selection of Bloomfield's prose prefaces, explanatory notes, a chronology of Bloomfield's life, and a list of further reading.


The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and his Circle, eds. Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt (Romantic Circles, 2007)

This important web-based edition collects together all of Bloomfield's extant letters plus a selection of those written to him by literary and other correspondents.


The Banks of Wye: A Poem, ed. Tim Fulford (Romantic Circles, 2012)

This web-based edition of Bloomfield's The Banks of Wye comprises a facsimile of the manuscript sketch- and scrap-book that Bloomfield made after his 1807 tour of the Wye, an annotated transcription of the prose tour-journal that he incorporated into his scrap book, and a collated and annotated text of the poetic versions of the tour that were published (as The Banks of Wye) in 1811, 1813, and 1823. Also included are reproductions of the engravings that illustrated the 1811 and 1813 publications, deleted or unadopted passages from the manuscript of the poem, and a selection of reviews from journals of the time.


Simon J. White, Robert Bloomfield, Romanticism and the Poetry of Community (Ashgate, 2007), 182p. ISBN 978-0-7546-5753-8

This is the first full-length study of Bloomfield's poetry and its contexts. In it, the author Simon J. White considers the relationship between Bloomfield's poetry and that of other Romantic poets. For example, he argues that Wordsworth's poetics of rural life was in some respects a response to the success of Bloomfield's The Farmer's Boy.

White also looks at Bloomfield's emphasis on the importance of local tradition and community in the lives of labouring people. In challenging the idea that the formal and rhetorical innovation of Wordsworth and Coleridge was principally responsible for the emergence of a new kind of poetry at the turn of the eighteenth century, he also shows that it is impossible to understand how the lyric and the literary ballad evolved during the Romantic period without considering Bloomfield's poetry. White's authoritative study demonstrates that, on the contrary, Bloomfield's poetry was pivotal in the development of Romanticism.


Robert Bloomfield: Lyric, Class, and the Romantic Canon, eds. Simon White, John Goodridge, and Bridget Keegan (Bucknell University Press, 2006), 315p. ISBN 9780838756294

Consisting of fifteen individual chapters, this collection brings together three types of essay: those considering major volumes of poetry by Bloomfield; those essays focusing on particular themes that dominate his work; and essays examining the significance of Bloomfield in a broader context.


Robert Bloomfield: The Inestimable Blessing of Letters, eds. John Goodridge and Bridget Keegan (Romantic Circles, 2012).

A volume in Romantic Circles Praxis Series, this online collection brings together an editor's introduction by John Goodridge and Bridget Keegan, and essays by Tim Fulford, Peter Denney, Ian Haywood and Bridget Keegan.

Designed in part to accompany the online edition of Bloomfield's correspondence, these pieces draw attention to new aspects of his work, enriching our understanding of his significance, and suggesting a number of future directions which have been made possible by the publication of his letters.